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London – Aug 22, 2016 08.00 am

Welcome to HR News and highlights from JAZ HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 

Talent Management is critical to business success at an executive level.  Our Talent Management services are designed through research-based business outcomes to move your organization forward.

JAZ Consulting’s panel of global HR experts are pleased to offer FREE Webinar session to impart talent management program relevant to your business. 

Our webinar session shall take you through the core learning of talent management such as planning business strategies, talent hiring, performance, leadership development & training, retention, compensation, skills gap and succession planning.   Talent Management is a concerted effort by key executives to drive the business to success through above cycles of change management.  We can conduct these talent management webinars either through our communication platform namely VirBELA or by other video conferencing facilities.

JAZ HR Consulting takes immense pleasure in introducing VirBELA™  which is a three dimensional virtual e-learning technology for Education & Assessment.  VirBELA™ can be used to connect geographically dispersed learning groups for facilitated learning events and discussion in a virtual business school environment.  Please click on the below link to get an insight into the VirBELA™ technology.

VirBELA creates a space for networking, competition, and learning. Navigating VirBELA’s campus is done using a personal avatar. Communication is done using voice and text chat technologies that are embedded in VirBELA (similar to using Skype and gChat). It runs on either a Mac or PC using an existing internet connection.

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Mumbai– Aug 20, 2016 02.00 pm


To help your HR organizational success and value addition, we can run comprehensive health check-ups or snap shot studies to review organizational culture, recruitment, policies & procedures, compensation, legal compliance, training, staff turn-over,  grievance, risks, productivity, team work, improvement needed areas etc.

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Cochin– Aug 18, 2016 05.00 pm


More and more companies are taking advantage of quality HR payroll services and administration logistics.   JAZ Consulting offers professional outsourcing services to make a positive contribution to one’s organizational success.  Our services include emigration compliance, visa and residency stamp formalities in gulf countries, medical assistance, insurance, accommodation arrangements, payroll disbursements etc.

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Govt. Sector Organisational Performance – Not targeting people!

Kottayam– Aug 15, 2016 05.00 pm

It is high time for the Indian union and state government sectors to start with Performance Management goals.  Performance Management and appraisal systems help create a corporate culture in the government sector which shall promote personal success and satisfaction for the general public.

Some of the government employees; working style, morale and attitudes needs to be improved.   Improving work performance means, abolishment of bureaucratic approach, flexibility to adopting change management, more effectively managing their responsibilities and achieving goals of the employee and the government vision.  It is imperative that we need this change, as India is moving forward and to take challenges globally.

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