Smart Solutions


Sustainable talent strategy

Sustainable talent strategy involves retention, growth and succession planning and connects three important business components:

  • Business objectives are intelligently aligned with HR processes such as recruitment, appraisals, remuneration, and learning and development.
  • A company culture that encourages engagement, commitment and enthusiasm and shows a genuine interest in employee well being and growth.
  • An active program of talent development through career events such as training, coaching and involvement in project teams and task forces.


Organisation design and improvement

Organisation design and improvement involves working with clients to gain a strategic understanding and analysis of their business. Using this analysis, we work with our clients to develop and implement solutions designed to ensure improved performance with long-term sustainability. Our collaborative approach ensures that the transfer of knowledge and skills is an integral part of the design process.


Building corporate ethos, values, ethics and employer brand

Often thought of as the 'soft' and unnecessary element of business, but successful companies know they need to pay attention to these areas. Company ethos and values influence how employees behave, their commitment and loyalty as well as the productivity and quality of work. What employees, customers and stakeholders say about the company creates and influences the business's reputation and hence its ability to recruit the best staff and extend and build new markets.


Board effectiveness

Corporate boards are expected to be more engaged, knowledgeable and effective than in the past. Our board evaluation process provides a forum for directors to review and reinforce their purpose and objectives, clarify member roles and re-examine their operational processes. Evaluations give the board an opportunity to identify and remove obstacles to better performance and to adopt best practices.