Super Customer Service (Middle Management)

01 May 2018  to  02 May 2018

In our daily lives we all play the role of a Customer.  Being able to offer excellent service to customers is a crucial component for sales people, providing a positive and enjoyable experience for your customers so they return, helping the company and the staff to beat the competition. The importance of pre-sales & after sales service and support is of prime importance too, plus the understanding of the highly critical areas of complaint handling and excelling customer expectations. 

This course is aimed for: S & M Managers, Sales Team Leaders and Front office Managers who make an impact on business, revenue generation and those who face the customers.

Methodology: Articulate all the aspects of excellent Customer Service that will present a framework for improving the service quality. Addressing typical customer related experiences, creating key concepts that win customer’s preference. Through role-play, group work, interaction and with the assistance of specialized training videos. Physical exercise also plays a significant part in the teaching of different techniques.

Faculty: The course will be undertaken by Jarrold Training -UK and Acumen Business Consulting - Mumbai.

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